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Telikou TY-22 speech teleprompter

SG$ 2,443.00

TY-21 Type LCD speech teleprompter is our company introduced the focus of the product. With simple installation, li ght structure, technical indexes and high reliability

It comes with a flight case, convenient to save and transit.

Adopts the model of screw rod,you c an adjust the height of beam splitter mirror at will.

(use The latest imported Optical coating reflective glass With good perviousness,No change in the ray of light, no colour cast, In sertion loss is less than 3dB)

the software which used in TY-22 is Researches and develops v oluntarily by our own company, With single and double graphics recogniti on automatically, text to fliping.

it supports  txt text formatting,Five kinds of roles can be color Settings,And support multilingual text, means support any language

with all kinds of hand control or foot control,and you can adjust the speed.

支撑架结构:(the structure of Supporting frame) 提词器高度:1.4~2.0 meters (the height of the teleprompter ) 分光镜安装角度:45 degree (Spectroscope installation Angle) 分光镜厚度:3mm(The thickness of the beam splitter) 分光镜尺寸:320x 280mm(the size of Spectroscope ) 插入损耗 < 3dB (insertion loss less than 3dB

液晶屏技术指标:(The LCD panel) DELL :G700A 17 inch 4:3 对比度:700:1 (contrast) 亮度:300cd/㎡ (brightness)

This system is Development and become on the basis of communicate with Television in-depth widely for many years ,After a lot of upgrade,co nsummate,And using the latest computer technology, with The most abu ndant,Graphics are clear,Broadcast more smooth,And operation is simple and clear. Specific characteristics of the introduction is as follows:

1,Using the latest computer graphics display technology, the picture is m ore clear, more smooth scrolling

2,Adopt double screen technology, display information more reasonable, eye-catching.

3,When display the scroll bar, enables service personnel to intuitive unde rstanding of the current position in the whole article, and use the mouse to drag a quick scan

4,It can display the current time, and can timing, reset

5,Can quickly to full screen, mirror image

6,Support the mouse, keyboard, and handle a variety of operating mode, easy operation quickly 7,Choose any font, color, background color, and row spacing

8,Choose any playback speed, and has a fast forward, fast rewind short cuts

9,Supports up to five character set, each role can choose a different col or, color

10,Support dual screen display