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Panasonic AG-AC90A AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorder

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Featuring a stylish; easy-to-operate design; the AG-AC90A AVCCAM HD handheld camcorder captures native 1920 x 1080 resolution images and records in 1080/60p; 60i; 30p and 24p; as well as in standard definition (480/60i) in 60Hz. The AG-AC90A offers significant improvements over its predecessor; the AG-AC90; including two new recording options -- a PM mode (1280x720; 8Mbps) supporting sports analysis applications and a CS mode (720x480; 3.5Mbps) for cloud service utilization.

Other AC90A enhancements comprise the ability to copy content from one SD card to another; a date and time superimpose function ideal for law enforcement and legal depositions; Freeze Frame (still picture) on video out during shooting position change; Eye-Fi wireless SD card support; a Variable White Balance function; additional marker displays; and a Digital Range Stretch (DRS) On/Off user button.

High powered 29.8mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

The AC90A offers a high-powered 12X zoom lens includes a 29.8 mm (35 mm equivalent) wide-angle setting. When using the Intelligent 25X digital zoom; it achieves up to 25X seamless zooming. In addition; it also features a 2X; 5X and 10X digital zoom function. Panasonic's unique Nano Surface Coating minimizes ghosts and flaring; and a high speed; F1.5 brightness enables extremely clear image rendering. Its built-in 5-axis Hybrid OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) ensures stable handheld shooting.

High-Sensitivity BSI Type 3MOS Sensors

The AC90A features three (RGB) backside illumination corresponding 1/4.7 type MOS image sensors with an effective pixel count of 2;190;000 pixels to capture exceptional HD images and superb color reproduction even in dimly lit locations. The image processing circuit; which is tuned for professional use; produces highly natural gradation and sharp detail.

Easy Operation with Triple Manual Rings

The AC90A's lens barrel is equipped with manual rings for focus; zoom and iris operation to enable speedy; intuitive camera work generally associated with interchangeable lenses. The 3.5" tough-panel LCD monitor; which stores easily inside the top front part of the handle; has approximately 1;152;000 dots resolution to enhance focusing; and includes focus assist; zebra; and color bar display functions. The LCD monitor rotates 270 degrees for easy low-angle; high-angle; and self-interview shootings.

  • Professional AVCHD Modes: PS mode for Full-HD (1920 x 1080) and progressive (60p/50p) image acquisition; high quality PH mode; PM mode (1280x720) for sports coaching use and CS mode (720x480) for network transmission applications.
  • HD/SD Multi-Formats: 1080/60p; 60i; 30p; 24p; 480/60i
  • Dual SD Card Slots (support SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Cards). With two SD cards; a camera operator can select backup recording. slot-to-slot SD card contents copy is possible.
  • Still shots with 3-megapixel resolution. (Still shots can also be captured during video recording.)
  • 2 channel XLR audio inputs (MIC/LINE/+48V selectable).
  • Audio CH1/CH2 with individual level controls and input selection.
  • HDMI output; AV Multi output (D-connector; composite video and audio 2 channel); USB connector.
  • Remote terminals enable remote operation of iris; focus; zoom and Rec Start/Stop functions.
  • The upper part of the handle grip contains both the Rec Start/Stop button and a zoom speed control (three speed steps) for the lens.
  • Freeze frame function for preventing unwanted images from being captured and displayed on an external monitor.
  • Date & time stamp superimpose.
  • White balance adjustment: selectable from ATW/3200K/5600K/Manual (2 values) or user setting (2400K-9900K; 100K step).
  • Included a long life 5;400 mAh battery enables approximate 6 hours of continuous shooting in PH mode.

Accessories : Battery Pack, AC Adaptor, 2 x AC Cable, Eye Cup, Remote control, CD-ROM (Operating Instruction), USB Cable, AV Multi cable, Lens Cap, Shoulder Strap, Microphone Holder, 2 x Input Terminal Cap, Microphone holder adapter, Microphone holder screws.