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IDX System Technology VL-4SI Endura Lithium-Ion Battery Charger - 4-Channel Simultaneous Charging, LCD Readout, PC Information Retrieval

SG$ 798.00 SG$ 1,490.00

The IDX VL-4SI is a four-channel, simultaneous Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) fast charger. Up to four Li-Ion Endura V-mount batteries can be charged in 2.5 hours or less. This model features an LCD readout and PC information retrieval capabilities.


The VL-4SI offers a lightweight design (7.1lbs) with a convenient built-in handle.


The highly reliable V-Mount, battery mount is becoming more and more prevalent on many new broadcast and professional camcorders. In response, IDX has adapted the design of their batteries and chargers to with the V-Mount design.

Condition Indicator

An LED condition indicator offers a quick glance of each battery's charge status.

Red (charging)

Green (complete/trickle)

Orange (battery fault)

Intelligent Charging

As Li-Ion is memory free, batteries can be charged from any state regardless of the batteries charge status. Each IDX Li-Ion battery has its own built-in microprocessor which enables direct communication with the chargers program to individually select for each battery the correct charge program specific for that battery.

LCD Readout

This model comes with an LCD status readout.

Information Retrieval

Via a USB port, this device will allow information retrieval from a PC.

World-Wide AC Power

As with all IDX chargers, the VL-4S's power switch is recessed to prevent an accidental loss of power. A world-wide, auto-sensing AC power (AC 100-240V) operation is standard.